AsONE Fellowship, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit, is a ministry of reconciliation designed to bring the body of Christ together, and to serve as a religious and charitable organization.  Our primary goal is to develop a culturally diverse approach to God which causes like minded believers to worship together in spite of racial, religious, cultural, socioeconomic, or any other kind of difference.  Our mission is to create an atmosphere conducive to unifying Christians spiritually, further fostering the unity of our faith. 

AsONE Fellowship, Inc. serves as a ministry hub connecting people in need to community resources provided by local ministries and other non-profits.  The primary tool used to create this diverse unity will be the “AsONE Prayer Walk”.  The prayer walk is an ecumenical event that focuses on prayer and inclusion, bringing believers together so as to promote unity according to Ephesians 4.  April 7-13th, 2019 are the scheduled dates for the AsONE Unity Week &Prayer Walk in Fayetteville, NC.


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TXT  “AsOne” to 25827

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