A Community that Unity Built

Every once in a while—more often if we really pay attention—something happens that makes us stop and say, “Only God could make that happen.”

This community is one of those times.

Habitat for Humanity met with AsONE and partnered to build a faith community in Fayetteville, NC.

The problem?  Land.  Resources.  Lord, You want this… lead the way.

On July 7, 2014, during a vision meeting between AsONE’s founder, Jeremy Wright and Bill Vines, Pastor of Breezewood Church – a miracle happened. 

After learning of AsONE’s desire and prayer to be a blessing in the community, Pastor Vines interrupted the meeting and as Jeremy to take a ride with him. The car stopped at a parcel of land on Hedgepeth St. When both men were out of the car, Pastor Vines swept his arm out, and said, “It’s yours, do what you want to with it!”

Only God could make that happen.

On August 14, 2014, the land was signed over to Habitat.  Men and women of every denomination and race came together on that property and prayed.  What as once a run down wooded area now holds four homes for people who needed them, and there are plans for more.  A park is  also coming to the “Community that Unity is building.”

During the build, a lady approached us and said, “If it wasn’t for people like you, we wouldn’t have a home.”  It was overwhelming, unbelievable.

You know… The kind of thing that only God could make happen.

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